"I’m feeling wired uninspired
While I try to recover.
Open eyes, awful tired
Given up on a lover.
I know I like you-
Won’t prove til it’s too late.
But what can I do?
I lose every time I wake."
- Colour Coding

Colour Coding Kick

"Now you’re letting your confusion take control
And lead you down a dark and lonely road
Even that won’t last forever
Just look around and see you’re not alone"
- Daughtry

Daughtry Witness

"You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Boy don’t you know you can’t escape me
Ooh darling ‘cause you’ll always be my baby
And we’ll linger on
Time can’t erase a feeling this strong
No way you’re never gonna shake me
Ooh darling ‘cause you’ll always be my baby"
- Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Always Be My Baby